MedTech Workshop & Networking #2

Entering the Market


  1. Creating Sellable Value Propositions for Medical Devices, mHealth and more, Dr. Nealda Yusof, Semoegy Learning

  2. Go-to-Market Strategies for Medical Devices and more, Mr. Liew Ee Bin, Access-2-Healthcare


This workshop and networking event is the first of a series of discussions covering matters on medical device commercialisation. This workshop will give insights into pre-design methodologies you would not be able to find in most medical device regulatory and technical documents. In today’s competitive and overcrowded market, it is essential to design a product that not only works but also could fly-off-the-shelves and bring about returns. If you are a medtech innovator, you definitely should not miss this event. If you are not a medtech innovator, you should still come to make friends, tip the drinks and eat the pizza.

Here is the full agenda for the evening:

7:00 PM – Doors open (Please be on time and show your registration ticket)

7:30 PM – Event starts with welcome from our organisers

7:40 PM – Sponsor Address – Apple Seed Venture Accelerator

8:00 PM – Organiser Address – Dr. Nealda Yusof, Semoegy Learning

Topic: Apple Seed MedTech Programme – Creating Sellable Value Propositions for Medical Devices, mHealth and more

8:30 PM – Guest Speaker – Mr. Liew Ee Bin, Access-2-Healthcare

Topic: Go-to-Market Strategies for Medical Devices

9:00 PM – Networking & socialising

9:30 PM – It’s getting late and hope to see you again

Guest Speaker – Mr. Liew Ee Bin

Liew Ee Bin is the Owner and Consultant for Access-2-Healthcare, a competence development and business solutions company focusing on connecting business partners to commercialise healthcare innovations to improve healthcare market access and contribute to lower overall healthcare costs globally. Ee Bin’s extensive areas of expertise include healthcare business due diligence, product development, market access, regulatory, quality & trade compliance. Ee Bin has extensive experience in the medical device industry with several large MNCs, where he was in various regional executive management and leadership roles of multi-cultural teams and organizations in Asia Pacific. Ee Bin has been very active in global regulatory harmonization efforts for many years, and he is currently in his second term as the co-chair for the Asian Harmonization Working Party’s (AHWP) Technical Committee Workgroup for Quality Management Systems – Operation and Implementation. Ee Bin is also contributing towards to the development of the ISO13485 standard as a member of ISO/TC210, Workgroup 1 - Application of quality systems to medical devices.

Listen to what Ee Bin has to say about Go-to-Market Strategies

his topic will answer the 2 very important questions that determine the success of your go-to-market strategy for medical devices. Unfortunately, a state-of-the-art healthcare innovation does not just fly-off-the-shelves into the hands of eager buyers. The go-to-market strategy of any healthcare innovation is one of the most complicated and unpredictable aspects in the commercialisation process.

The uncertainty of market forces, customer acceptance after delivering proof-of-concept (POC), the survival of the fittest in this ever-expanding and competitive healthcare industry, brings us to this forum to learn about what a go-to-market strategy means, and how the answers to two simple yet profound questions are able to minimise the risks of business failure due to an incorrect strategy.

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Tue Sep 8, 2015
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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